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Completely useless example of what you can do with $image, ie. displaying a webcam

The latest Conky has integrated Imlib2 support for drawing images. To get started using images in Conky, you'll need a copy of Conky 1.7.1 or newer. Configure Conky with the ``--enable-imlib2'' option to enable Imlib2 support at compile time.


The following example illustrates some of the amazing things you can do with $image. In your conkyrc, add the following (replace '/home/brenden/cheeseburger.jpg' with an image of your choice):


${image /home/brenden/cheeseburger.jpg -p 20,20 -s 200x200}${image /home/brenden/cheeseburger.jpg -p 20,240 -s 200x200}${image /home/brenden/cheeseburger.jpg -p 20,460 -s 200x200}

Displaying a WEdit

xsq xsq
xsq xqs
xsq xsq
imlib_cache_size 0 # this needs to be set to 0 so it actually redraws the image when it changes
# in Conky 1.7.2, there are more options available for controlling the caching of an image, as well as better support for path names
${offset 50}$uptime_short${image /home/brenden/cgy-done.jpg -p 0,10}${texeci 300 /usr/bin/wget -q -O /home/brenden/cgy.jpg && mv /home/brenden/cgy.jpg /home/brenden/cgy-done.jpg}

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